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Driven by our ethos of enabling football for the community, we focus on being flexible, organised and safe, which we believe sets child-members and their parents up for an enjoyable and rewarding experience while they are involved with the club.


We have over 200 parents who are active volunteers within the club, who give up their time to organise, develop and improve the club. Simply put, without these volunteers and the valuable work they do, Granada FC in its current form would not exist as we know it today.

Granada is a real community club, with participation from all walks of life, and we continue to welcome new volunteers who can provide their particular expertise to help build and grow the club and make it a better experience for the children.

Volunteer roles include football team managers, marketing and communications, child welfare, event management etc.

We ensure all Granada officers and managers are fully compliant with all child protection requirements,

which includes being Garda vetted and completing the Code of Ethics training programme

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